Best Self Tanners! YES!!! It’s one of my favorites subjects and I can write or talk about it all day long. 

The secret is out! I learned just about 5 years ago that to be able to maintain my color glowing all year long… summer tanning was just not enough and “That” summer 5 years ago I was prohibited by my doctor to be even near the sun rays… why? Because I was still recuperating from a house fire I had suffer a few months back; I was devastated since I love to tan naturally. Taking the sun by the pool, beach or the lake couldn’t be complete without my sun tan oil in hand.  Thankfully I was then introduced to gradually use a self tanner… and from then now I had try them All and I found many to be horribly bad, smelly, orangy color even worse streaky… But I have also found some that DO work and that they are great to pump-up your natural tone and awesome to maintain your natural vacation tan!

In my Vanity:

Banana Boat Summer Color: Great to apply after you have been naturally tanned. Best to Apply at night after showering!

DIOR Bronze: Red Carpet ready with this awesome oil.  The best glow.

St. Tropez: Awesome to even out and maintain color throughout the year; the base color is Olive Green and does not give you any orange color results.

Josie Maran: The Natural option! This self tanner does not contain chemicals so it is the best option to use all year long and it works amazing.

Important Tips: *PLEASE Use GLOVES… some work very quick and you’ll end up with tan palms!!!    *If you are a first time self Tanner… Try them on your abs or hips first for couple of days and see the results.    *Don’t use self tanners like sun tan lotions; Tan first and then use the self tanners to bring out the color later.

Enjoy Summer and protect your skin, always hydrate with a body butter, body lotion or a spray body moisturizer; Protect you Face with SPF and Uv creams and waterproof makeup, use Hats while boating, excessing or playing outside and don’t tan on peak sun hours or for long periods of time. “"Read directions on all products and use as directed”“

SunKissed Skin is possible! #iloveit

By: Bonnie Morazan – BMFS for #mybonnieblog

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Article & Reviews: Bonnie M. – BMFS