Yes! La Copa Mundial it’s here! I wanted to pick *THE TOPIC* for this week… soccer players fashion? Naaaa… Brazil 2014 Fashion week? Nope… this week I decided to do something a bit different and give it up to what the world cup really means to me, my friends and many ladies out there that enjoy SOCCER! And I couldn’t pass out this opportunity to share what my family traditionally does for this important soccer month that only comes around every 4 years.

In my family and in my country “Guatemala” there is nothing better than the World cup of soccer; watching the games involves celebrating with tons of specialty foods, drinks & dances representing the countries playing, getting together with friends and family AND best of all discussing WHO is the Best TEAM… Yes! I meant who has the Most handsome players!!!

It was veryย Hard to choose only 10; sincerely I can tell you thatย I could easily come up with 20 more handsome ones that should be on the List!

TODAY! June 12, 2014 it’s the Grand Openning! First Game: Brazil Vs. Croatia

Are you ready to pick your team?ย 

Posted By: Bonnie Morazan – BMFS for #mybonnieblog