Perfumes, Parfum, Fragrances, Scents… is it New or Old?

Vintage or Modern? Perfumes are as old as the 1800s… Yes! There is a history within perfumes. Do you know how old is Creed? Or Guerlain Perfume House? Creed 1850 & Guerlain 1853. Here is more: Acqua di Parma 1916, Chanel 1921, Jean Patou 1930, Nina Ricci 1946, Hermes 1951… to name a few; so after studying fragrances for a few years and owning 3 perfumes stores for more than 15 years…I have to confess that I never get tired of smelling my favorite ones but I’m always eager to smell new and improved fragrances. I have some vintage favorites and even thou there is more than 10 in my collection I decided to pull out only 10 to show since these are the oldest and well known brands. 


The Classiest, chic & elegant smell of pure Chanel. Eau de Perfume $130.00

ACQUA DI PARMA (Colonia Intensa)

My MOST favorite. I don’t think I can be without this perfume. Elegant, strong, sexy and Bold smell. I LOVE IT. $210


Feel free fragrance. $147.  I’m also in love with the new L’AMBRE DES MERVEILLES. 


Just as Dior. Inspired in 1956 Lili of the Valley; Christian Dio’s favorite flower. Eau de Parfum $90

JOY by Jean Patou

I first got this one on an oil small jar… had to learn to like it. Jasmine Flowers & Roses. $190 Eau de Parfum.


A bit heavy but subtle fragrance. One to have; smell, feel and then wear only when you really feel it. Jasmine, Violet & Gardenia with hints of vetiver, sandalwood & Musk. $275 Eau de Parfum


A super classic perfume, not like any other woody florals tones. Fruity & Floral but extremely sexy and chic. $99 Eau de Parfum


Two classics from Guerlain that re-invented perfumes around the world, not only because the bottles were more attractive but the smell were transform into a more casual and a MUST very day wear.

Mitsouko – A fruity chypre with mysterious velvety notes of Peach & spices with a hint of a forest. $118.

Shalimar – Warm Vanilla notes with Bergamot & iris. $97


Ready for any occasion, specially for summer getaways and to remember special outings. The Scent of memories. (I have this one on a body spray and I love it) Eau de Parfum $115


Always have One Signature fragrance. One that you use, wear and always have; that will be your signature smell.                                        Try to put on your perfume right after you get of the shower on your key points: behind neck and hears, writs and mid arms & behind your knees. (I always spray some on my hair.) 

I’m not fully dressed until I put on perfume. #ILOVEIT

Posted by: Bonnie Morazan – BMFS for #mybonnieblog

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