Vacation time!!!
Vacation time is done… As it all began with excitement I’m also excited to go back and continue with all of our lifestyle & routines that somehow I have started to miss… Yes it was great to get out of our 3 digits temps in Arizona; but now it’s time to get ready for all that it’s about to happen!
Recap of a Summer vacay!
*Incident Mini recap: 2 earthquakes, 1 traffic incident, 1 sleepless night at a 4stars Hotel, 1 ankle injury, 2 doctors visits: 1 for stomach issues & 1 for sore throat + cough & No voice for 2 days.

*Adventure recap: X-touring-2014, surprise friends & family with your unexpected arrival; visit & explore the Wild West side of Guatemala in a private villa, ride horses, dance in the rain, bathe in a river, read by the pond, stay up until 3:00 am almost everyday just to talk with friends and remember Endless childhood memories, watch the World Cup Brazil 2014 with friends and get excited even thou we were all cheering for different teams, take a day trip to Xela one of my favorites places and find the school band in front of the theater for an afternoon practice, having a family over in my house for a Day to eat, watch the kids play in the yard where I used to play, have those long conversation to where we came from and come to find out our ancestors where very important people for our towns, cities and people here, the everyday calls, texts and messages to organize parties, lunches, get togethers etc… Oh! And don’t let me forget.., party all night long at my fav. Club Bukanas’ and stay there until 4:00 am and without being able to take one sip of an Alcoholic beverage because of the medicine I was taking for 4 days… But still have the greatest time!

Memories… and memories that will last a life time and that not only I get to keep but that my girls are archiving and will cherish throughout the years.