La Mode Fashion Show

The “La Mode” Fashion Show

On Saturday, September 27, 2014, graduating students of Design and Merchandising at Collins College presented a fabulous Fashion show to showcase their collections each of which was inspired and focused on their on thoughts, perspectives & creativity; they were asked to present and capture moods, feelings, sensations & memories and convert them into pieces that not only where fashionable but meaningful in their own unique way.

My thoughts: I was very impressed! Every single collection had a very well interpreted pieces with their on meaning and personality; some collections had very unique fabrics and prints that made it very eye catching; I Loved the Hair, make-up and the styling of every piece; it really complemented how every piece could tell the story. I also want to add that the event was super great organize, welcoming, fun and a beautiful set up!

Congratulations to:

Designer: Erica Stein CollectionName: “Happy Camper” Description:Wilderness Inspired

Designer: Gabriela Rodriguez CollectionName: “Abuela’s Armoire” Description: Grandma’s Closet

Designer: Nicole Bernal CollectionName: “Metamorphic Faces” Description: Rocks & Crystals

Designer: Priscella Lopez CollectionName: “Cryptic Beauteous” Description: Dark Fairytale

Designer: Shaunte Burrell CollectionName: “TYM3” (time) Description: Breaking Chains

Designer: Emery Guzman     CollectionName: “Hacienda Avenue”       Description: Latino Culture

Designer: Kimberlee Pearson  CollectionName: “Escape into Eternity” Description: Outer Space

Designer: Rachelle Nuñez CollectionName: “Utopia Streets” Description: Street Art & Graffiti

Designer: Terry Young CollectionName: “Greek Divinity” Description: Grecian Gods

Designer: Raul Nuñez      CollectionName: “Allegory”          Description: Dark and Haunting

Show Coordinator: Angela Johnson & Trimarco Coleman