Addicted to Sunglasses

I’m guilty, I confess, I have an addiction to sunglasses; I absolute looove sunglasses and looking at my past pictures I found out that most of them were pictures of me using sunglasses… I most admit I have 100 + pairs of sunglasses INSANE… What do you think? my answer: it’s Noooooo it’s not crazy, there is always that perfect pair that you may pick to use all the time, maybe cause they are the darkest, the coolest or the most comfy ones but there are different styles for different occasions; you know, beach sunglasses, shopping sunglasses, riding motorcycles sunglasses and I can go on and on and on to justify on why I have sooo many sunglasses.

Here it’s my latest addition from you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the most trendy and cool sunglasses for every occasion; These are: The Batmobile Style. Check them out!!!

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