Misha Mendicino 2017 Resort Collection

Q & A with Misha Mendicino on her brand New Collection.

I decided to have my dear friend and Designer Misha Mendicino herself introduce to you her great New Collection of her Resort Wear Clothing Line. So I had a 10 Q & A after our awesome Mexico Photoshoot were she chose to displayed all of her beautiful designs under the Sonoran Sky and the beautiful blue Mar de Cortéz ocean.

1. What’s the name of this new collection?
The Evolution Collection-which is fitting since we are expanding and growing the brand to utilize other fabrics that we have not used in past Collections; such as Chiffon’s and Georgette’s.
2. Your inspiration on the Evolution collection was?
With this new season, I wanted to branch out and utilize new fabrics and prints that best suit the Misha Mendicino woman…Resort 17, is full of colorful hues that you would typically see in the most glorious of sunsets; pinks, oranges and green round out the Evolution Collection. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about our ladies who love the simple, classic black and white motif.
3. How did you choose your fabrics and patterns?
Each fabric used is carefully selected to bring out each style according to the vision I had for the season, while keeping with the true aesthetics of the Brand.
The prints utilized this season is a mixture of Designer prints I found while in Bali and those that we have created ourselves to blend in with the entire Collection. I love to find unique prints that embody artistic expression while being simplistic-this season we emphasize the Abstract expression throughout the entire Collection.
4. What’s your favorite piece on this collection?
My favorite piece from the new Collection would have to be the Portofino Poncho, created from Fine Italian Wool, which is lightweight and very sophisticated, my other favorite’s include the Chiffon Kaftans which I like to pair with a slip for an elegant night time look. Honestly, it’s hard to pick just 1 favorite!
*Take a look on how you can wear the Portofino Poncho
5. What’s the Best seller in your line?
Our best seller is our famous Signature Dress, which is a staple piece for each year. This season’s print is by far my favorite, with the multi colored abstract print that goes with almost any color shoe…We are also very pleased with how well the Portofino Poncho is moving… often times when you think of Resort Wear you imagine the lightweight pieces that pack easily, but… we took a chance and bought out a staple piece for fall and it is working. Sometimes as a Brand, you take chances-I am glad we did.

*This is the Misha Mendicino BEST Seller all around the Clothing line; the famous “Signature Dress”
*The Signature Dress on the 2 New Patterns of this season
6. What does the elephant logo means?
Our elephant logo is embroidered on each and every piece throughout the Collection, usually at the nape of the neck, which signifies an authentic Misha Mendicino garment. We are partnered with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by donating 5% of our revenue to secure a future for the African Elephant by funding the Nairobi Nursery and several Anti-Poaching campaigns to end the needless slaughter of elephants.
We have taken great pride in our responsibilities as an ethical manufacturer, by consistently delivering a product that meets our stringent quality control and giving back to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust before we lose generations of elephants in Africa.

7. What inspired you to help the conservation of elephants?
It is heartbreaking to see the senseless murder of innocent elephants in order to obtain Ivory… the greed of wealthy nations in pursuit of Ivory has only risen rather than decline. We (collectively) must raise awareness to this plight if we are to make changes.
I spent my childhood watching my Mom collect elephant figurines and she especially loves the baby elephants and she would say that they are the cutest animal in the world. Fast forward 30 plus years, with my Mom’s declining age and the decline of the elephant population I felt a need to react and see if I could make a difference. I feel in a sense if I could make a difference in my Mothers lifetime it would also bring honor to her~ I associate my Mom with the elephants. They are both motivating factors in my need to preserve them.
8. Where can we use this pieces?
I would bet that whenever you live, or travel too… we have something for you within the Evolution Collection… the city, the beach… or countryside, we have something that would suit you.
9. Where can we find and buy MMD?
Misha Mendicino Designer Resort Wear can be found in select Boutiques and Resorts throughout Florida, The Caribbean, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Arizona, Hawaii and California… The full collection can be found online http://www.mishamendicinodesigns.com or through our free downloadable APP. Find it on the App Store; It’s free to download.

Only on the APP will you see our sales and specials.

10. Where do you see your line of clothing going next?
We are focused on bringing Misha Mendicino Designs to more Resorts throughout the USA and Internationally, we are also looking to incorporate other fabrics such as a complete line of Silk Kaftans… the future is bright for Misha Mendicino Designs so follow us for the latest updates and news on all Social Media channels. Facebook: http://https://www.facebook.com/mishamendicinodesigns/?fref=ts

I personally have to say that it’s way to hard for me to find my favorite piece on this collection; I absolutely love the colors, the patterns, the design, the fabrics and the fitting on every single piece. Misha has done a fabulous job putting together this new collection; I find it, breezy, elegant, colorful, vibrant & comfortable; I must add that the collection let’s me feel like I’m on vacation even if I wear it in town, it makes me feel closer to nature & the ocean because it’s so soft and peaceful and most of all I can wear the day or night!
I want to thank Misha soooo much for being my mentor, best travel companion & friend. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to Style your photoshoot and for letting me share your wonderful talent on my Blog.

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