Invitation accepted!!! A sweet invitation to welcome the new Lana Jewelry collection hosted by Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale, Az. to preview some unique and original pieces of her Fifteen Collection along with her new Lana Girl Collection.

img_8047A beautiful morning surrounded with jewels by Lana Jewelry.

The anniversary collection “Fifteen” by Lana Bramlette is to honor her fifteen years of the Lana Jewelry on the market. Lana Jewelry has a unique signature piece HOOPS yes!!! 15 + years ago Lana was determined to spend her hard-earned paycheck on a pair of fine gold hoops; unable to find the right real gold pair of hoops she decided to create her own and Voila!!! Lana Jewelry was born.

We enjoyed trying on so many Lana Jewelry beautiful and magnificent pieces.

The jewelry is created to feel comfortable and to look very delicate and elegant.

Lana Jewelry is available through many fine department stores.

Thanks to Angela from MomStyleLab for the invite and to Neiman Marcus for hosting this beautiful event.