Christmas Blues

Aaaahhh! the Holidays… the most beautiful time of the year… Shopping, family, friends, get-togethers, office parties, road-trips, weekend getaways and the list go on and on and on. I personally get excited since the beginning of October; Halloween it’s to me the official opening into the holidays season… I mean… Candy & Chocolates are involve in the season… that alone screams happiness!!!

But let’s stop for a second, this is the last week before Christmas… have you thought of people who lost a love one this past year, anyone who is going through a separation or divorce, someone who is sick or has a family member suffering of a sickness…

I often think and express that I don’t like Christmas, I think it’s a little cruel to materialistic celebrate; because let’s be honest… the main popular focus of this season it’s about spending money, gifts, presents and BUYING, BUYING BUYING and that’s not too bad; but we really forget the real meaning of these celebration and we get overwhelm with so many things going on that we forget to take some nice and quite time to pray, meditate, call, write, text or message someone who may be suffering the Christmas blues.

My Christmas blues are the mix feelings of thinking about my parents and why they were gone so fast… but then I look around and think… I AM BLESSED! They may not be here anymore but they left me a million memories of sooo many fun & Loving Christmas, memories of an awesome Childhood & the most important they gave me values, morals, Love and teachings that help me everyday.

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We need to  S T O P  and  T H I N K. I encourage you to have positive thoughts, send clean positive vibes, call, text, visit or message someone who has have a critical event this past year. So even thou I still get some blues I learn that there is nothing better in this world than being ALIVE and breathe.

Don’t let the craziness to over take your peace, use the smile therapy and enjoy the last weeks of 2017.

With all my happiness, love, gratefulness, peace and spirituality I wish you all the best for Christmas and I ask God to give all of you many blessings, love, health & abundance for the new year.


I am Blessed and grateful to have so many great people in my life. Peace & Happiness to all of you.

Hugs & Kisses,