Welcoming 2018 year with Family

Hello Blog! It’s 2018! wow! the year went out fast… I’m so grateful for the past but I am more the grateful for the future; It’s always very exciting to think of so many things we can do this New Year!

I must say… I usually do not blog about my family life or use family pictures on my blog but I changing it a bit this 2018; so here it’s a glimpse of our 2018 start-up!


After the holidays craziness we always like to take one or two days to go to our ranch, relax and talk about new plans for the upcoming year.

We can always plan ahead, draw out our dreams and express our wishes to our future but after the the planning and dreaming 2 things most happen; first: we all need to work hard to accomplish them and second: God will put in our paths what it’s the best for us.

P.S.: (We only do target shooting) nothing crazy.

My sister got all of us matching hunting outfits; great excuse to take family pictures.

My hubby & my 2 girls are the world to me.

Thanks for your support and allowing me to post pictures of us together. With Love & POI to all. B.M.

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