Bonnie M. Morazan; Who is that person?

My Background: My name is Bonnie Morazán Lürssen; I’m a proud Latina. I was born and raise in Guatemala, Central America; My family roots are Guatemalan & German from my Mother’s side and from my dad’s side Italian & Spanish. My small town is in the South pacific coast of Guatemala, named Mazatenango, Suchitepéquez; I moved to Quetzaltenango (AKA Xela) at age 12 to study in an American Christian boarding school.

When I was 12, I began to travel to the United States to study english every year on my summer vacations. On 1991 I permanently moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to finish High School and continue with my college education.

I have a degree in Political sciences from University Rafael Landivar Guatemala. I studied business administration at Glendale community college in Glendale, Az. and study Art & Fashion.

Who is BM Fashion Stylist?  I am a fashion stylist, blogger, purses, jewelry & swimwear Designer based in Arizona. My love for fashion started since I was a little Girl, designing clothes for my Barbie dolls and having a professional make them for me. As a teenager my biggest entertainment was to do make overs on my friends and family.

My training:  My background started in my teenage years at John Casablanca’s Modeling & Career Centers as a Fashion Model myself.

In my early 20’s my passion for Fragrances lead me to open my 2 Perfumes Stores/Boutiques; I truly enjoyed working and having those stores for over 12 years.

My wake up call into the business of fashion & style was when my 2 girls started getting involved in the entertainment business and I had to start taking classes to learn about colors, patterns, styling outfits for Tv, stage or photoshoots.

My experience: as a Fashion stylist varies from working on-set and on locations with photographers, designers, fashion shows, editorial photoshoots, talent and model styling, I have experience on product & merchandise display and promo, trade shows, etc.; I’ve done before and after production advise and business plan. I’m currently focusing on Products and Brands collaboration as influencer for social media & events.

About my blog: I like to support new designers, brands, artist and people who have the same beliefs, match my brand, my style or that I simply like or love their way of expression. I like to support and attend cultural, fashion events, festivals and non-profit beneficiary events to talk about them, support their causes or products.  As a fashion influencer I also like to write about products or places I’ve tried and liked to recommend. I am a true believer of promoting all that matches my personality and my brand.

About me: What I LOVE: I love to travel, fashion, art, photography, music, food, nature, the moon, the ocean & animals… specially dogs.

Things I like the most: perfumes, purses, sunglasses, swimsuits, bracelets, Make-up, rompers & sandals.

My Hobby: oil paint, horse racing, making jewelry, organize old pictures & make new clothes out of old clothes. 

What makes my peace: My family, my close friends, cooking, going to my ranch and go the beach.  

Hope you learn a bit more of me and my work.

💋💋 Love BM.

Feel free to take a look around my page and send me your comments and suggestions; I love to heard from you.

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